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100% Cotton , Poly Cotton, Viscose, Blended fabric like Cotton Viscose, Fleece fabrics, Polyester Micromesh and Lycra mixed.
Knitted Apparels:
Casual Wear
Formal Wear
Sports Wear
Night Wear & Pyjamas
Inner Wears & Boxers
Garment Washed Knitwea r
Garment Dyed Knit Wear
Fancy Garments with Beeds and Sequences

Several tests are done to maintain quality of yarn such as :-
1.The black board test – for yarn appearance.
2.The wrap block – for sliver testing
3.The wrap reel- for yarn count testing.
4.The Lea strength tester for yarn strength & CSP.
The fabric undergoes quality control test at the Quality Control Laboratory that has all facilities, to ensure that our garments meet the requirements and specifications. Tests are done as per international standards.
The tests include
1. Color fastness to mechanical wash
2. Color fastness to rubbing
3. Perspiration test
4. Testing dimensional shrinkage stability
5. Garment Twist checking
We do not use child labor or any other form of sweatshop. We maintain the quality in garmenting, the quality in shipping, and the quality in communication and in all other aspects.
Rest assured – you get THE BEST of the finest knit apparels from India

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